Machu Picchu – Acient Marvel

This is from my travels to Peru last year. It was an eye opening experience and helped me appreciate the ancient cultures that came before us.

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Underwater Freedom

Scuba Diving gives you the freedom to explore a whole new world under the water. Recently I finished my open water training for recreational diving in Coiba National park Panama. The Island was once a prison camp but now only a handful of people live there at a ranger station. The Island is very beautiful.

The dive shop Scuba Coiba allowed me to do all my dives in the National Park and within two days i completed all my open water skills. There is an abundance of sharks around the island and I was able to record video using a GO PRO HD camera.

I highly recommend getting your open water PADI certificate. This was just the first of many underwater adventures that I plan on taking. I advise you to do the online portion of the training at home before you leave for your vacation so that your not left studying and taking tests there. You will love the feeling and freedom that comes with scuba diving.

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The Headaches of Change

Change is not easy. The path of least resistance is not the one taken to better ones self. The road less traveled is the one that i want to be on. Every time i find myself here I notice that it is a hard road to travel.

This week I am on the road to enlightenment and in our western society it is not always easy. Temptations are all around me constantly reminding me of how difficult the path is. I stay strong and know that my soul will feel better at the end of it all. I have a renewed aspiration for life and the simple pleasures. Cleansing the mind, body, and soul feels right. Yet I still have a headache.

My boby resists the change, but at the end of this two week devotion to a higher power i will be closer to myself and the rest of humanity. I struggle and then give in to the beauty and insparation of this world. There is nothing outside of myself that will fix who i am and thus i am who i will always be.

Thank you world; for life, love, and compassion.


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Why Prohibition? – Cannabis Freedom

Why is a plant prohibited under the law? This plant was used, up until the 20th Century,  in everything from Ships sails (Canvas is a derivative of Cannabis), Clothing, Paper, Heating Oil, Medicine, Food and permeated almost every aspect of life including religious rituals.  After all the fear driven campaigns that scared people into outlawing cannabis, Why now is it still illegal in light of all this information?  Cannabis has never killed a single person unlike; alcohol, tobacco, guns, cars, planes, obesity, and over the counter drugs. What is stopping us from taking control of our destiny and freeing the weed that has brought humanity so much of its prosperity?

Hemp has been the single most useful plant for humanity over the last few thousand years.  Its prohibition coincides with the introduction of the petroleum derivatives.  Oil is all around you from the plastics, fertilizers, clothing, cars, electronics and fuel. One other thing has been on the incline with the introduction of Oil to our ecosystem, and that is Cancer.  Cannabis has been around since before the invention of agriculture. One thing is for certain; Cannabis has never caused cancer. Marijuana Study Shows No Lung Cancer Links

So lets go back and answer some of the questions in the introduction.  Cannabis was first made illegal in the 1920’s as a way to persecute minorities.  Mexicans coming across the border, along with black jazz musicians.  Propaganda was used to scare the white majority into believing that marijuana caused psychosis leading to murder and rape. These blatant lies are most evident in the film Reefer Madness.  In Canada they did not even have any parliamentary debate before they made it illegal.

So why is it still illegal? Pharmaceutical companies do not want people growing their own medicine. It is still used to persecute minorities and the poor today.  The United States of America has the worlds largest prison population (land of the free?). One quarter of these prisoners are in there for Cannabis.  These are privatized prisons that make money from incarcerating mostly minorities and the poor.  If you where to make Cannabis legal you take a huge revenue stream away from Big Pharma and the Prison industrial complex.

What is stopping us from making cannabis legal?  Fear of persecution, The status quo, and the fear of change.  Our politicians are suppose to stand up for what the population wants, but they seem more concerned about big business and keeping the status quo. We must stand up for what we believe in. Embrace change and a brighter future.  Children say its harder to buy alcohol then illegal drugs because of its regulated, lets do the same for Cannabis.  The tax dollars alone would bring in millions. Fight for your right to have the freedom to do and say what you want; just as long as you don’t hurt anyone else.

Why Prohibition? A short Doc on Cannabis Prohinition


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Usage Based Internet Billing in Canada

There has been a lot of talk about usage based billing in Canada over the last few weeks. The CRTC ruled that Bell could start charging its 3rd party wholesalers for their customers that go over set caps that Bell itself enforces. This was at no discount to the wholesalers up to $2 per GB. The actual cost of a GB of data is around 3-5 cents. This decision was changed right after to give the wholesalers a %15 discount on the prices they are charged from bell. This made a lot of people with unlimited Internet plans through 3rd party providers very upset.

So the small wholesalers sent out a petition to stop the meter and have the CRTC decision to be overturned at Open Media. This was signed by over 330,000 Canadians and continues to grow. A lot of people are under the misconception that this is a petition to stop usage based billing, which it is not. It will only affect how large telcoms charge the little guys who now offer unlimited plans but would not be able to is this if the ruling stands. The ruling was not in the interest of the consumer but rather the big ISPs that are also traditional broadcasters. This started to happen right after Netflix streaming service was introduced in Canada.

The NDP quickly jumped on this issue. The Liberals followed suit in an attempt to gain more votes.

Liberals Way in

Now the conservatives have given the CRTC an ultimatum. Reverse the decision or they will do it thorough governmental means.

Ottawa says no way
What is a fair price for Internet
Recent video from parliament: interview with CRTC (Feb.3)

I think the uproar from Canadians is amazing. We should not have usage based billing or if we do it should be fairly priced. I don’t mind paying 10 cents per GB not $1. The internet has become an amazing source of social change. If we can effect something like this that is so important for our growth as a country; what else can Canadians do when we ban together to make positive change for all our citizens?

Keep informed, spread what you learn, and question everything. If we all stick to these three principles our country will continue to be one of the best democracies in the world. Who knows, maybe we can set an example to the rest of the would on how to be a truly democratic society.

Article on the state of Canadian Internet

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Today is a good day. Today I decided not to fear but to love. Today I choose freedom over manipulation. On this day I will be victorious, not over another but for myself. The world is changing and the only thing you can change is how you view it.

Today I am thankful, kind, loving, and respectful. I spread love virally through my word and actions. A day like this comes only once, when you experience it every day will be the same. Fulfillment comes in many forms and you may forget today but today will never forget you.

Today I laugh, tomorrow I cry. Each day goes by and by. The things around you will forever sway but just remember what I say.

Today is a good day

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